virginia engagement photographer

Asha + Lance // Great Falls National Park // Rachiel Q Photography

I was thrilled when Asha contacted me last January to do their engagement photos. When I asked her if they would be interested in a sunrise session, she quickly got excited! She asked Lance, and of course, he agreed!  I knew instantly I was going to have fun with them. No distance or time could stop this adventurous couple to have their love documented in a setting that fits their personalities.  

These two met in Spring of 2015 at a homeschool convention. They both exchanged email addresses, but did not really keep in touch until Summer of 2016, when they met again at a Summer camp. This time, they spent time with each other; "sat out under the stars one night and talked about life. And then the rest is history", as Lance would say. Their favorite color is blue. They both love going on walks, hiking, and watching a lot of movies together.

Lance describes Asha as beautiful, with a deep mind and spirit. While Asha, describes Lance as "loyal, kind, deep, and gentle but strong". She says he has a heart of a five year old who loves to make puns and tease her. She added, "He is someone who genuinely loves me." 

When I asked them to describe each others sense of style, he describes hers as "definitely more modern and in the loop than mine is". Asha, on the other hand, describes his as "casual but he likes dressing up".  In other words, "half lumberjack-half milord"! :D

The day of their session is nothing but an adventure. They hiked down a steep and icy path in a bitterly cold weather.

Here are some of my favorites from that session.