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Hello!  Thanks for stopping by. I'm Rachiel and I am a natural light, Wedding and Portrait photographer based in the DC Metro area.  I believe there is a story behind every single photograph that is taken. For most of us, these are the memories of what was then, a reminder of what was felt, a reflection of one's youth, and, sometimes, a reminder of how far we have become.  My goal is to capture your story, as it unfolds in front of me, in an artistic yet authentic and organic way.


A few things about me:  

  • My full name is Rachiel Quibote (pronounced Ray-chel Kee-boh-te)
  • Born and raised in the Philippines but moved to Maryland in the 90's.  DC area is where I call home since then. 
  • I recently dabbled my feet in film photography. Although I don't advertise myself as a film or hybrid photographer as of yet, you'll see a lot of my work here is film.
  • Before I picked up a camera, I 've been floral designing for more than a decade. So if I'm not with my camera, I am with my flowers!
  • I  am a mom  to 3 beautiful girls, whom I adore very much.
  • Nature lover.
  • I like girly things, yet I'm a tomboy at heart. 
  • I laugh a lot, but I do enjoy quiet moments when I have it. 
  • I have an obsession to what you call "photography".  
  • Loves traveling to different places, meeting new people, and eating different kinds of food from different culture. (My favorite is Indian!)
  • Oh! Did I mention I am obsessed with taking photos? :)
  • I cannot wait to meet you!